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At Iekor, we are determined to help you with any question, issue or concern that you may have about your product.


We know how strong our products are. That is why we offer a 90 day warranty to every Iekor client. No question’s asked! It’s a promise!

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Iekor is offering safe and affordable shipping to all its clients in United States! Free, Fast and Efficient delivery to your front door. Can’t get any better!


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About Us

IEKOR (pronounced EYE-CORE) was founded in 2017 to provide for a severely disabled individual who was denied government aid benefits and cannot earn a sustainable income. IEKOR’s mission is to support this individual by developing useful and innovative products at reasonable prices to benefit all walks of life. Every IEKOR product sold contributes to this individual enjoying a dignified quality of life. We thank you for your support.

  • Modern Designs.
  • Practical Solutions.
  • Quality & Sophistication.
  • Affordable to All.


Customers Satisfied

Over the last year, Iekor has been giving their customers some of the best service and products on the market. We have 500+ satisfied customers and counting!